Monday, May 2, 2011

The Healing Power of Spirit

"The physical plane is a plane of duality so we experience pleasure and pain. It is a plane caught in time so we experience aging. It is a plane with many forces at work and so we experience adverse forces – forces that work against our well-being, as well as those that support our well-being. It means that on this journey of life on the earthly plane, we need to be careful because we are certainly going to meet adversity.....It is therefore extremely important to stay in the awareness of what is happening in the physical body, in the human experience as a spiritual being." Day 38

When we are challenged with disease, we need to really understand what is happening. We need to observe ourselves at all levels: "What is happening to me physically? What is happening to me emotionally? What is happening to me mentally?  And what is happening to my spiritual powers?"  We need to observe the whole scenario in the challenge of disease.  

The way to healing is to open up to the spiritual space. If we have access to the spiritual space that is where the most powerful forces are, because the spiritual space is a space of connection to a Higher Power. There is belief in a Higher Power. In the essence of our being there is no disease. Having this awareness, you don't only see yourself as a physical being, but you begin to see yourself more as a being of light, as a spiritual being with powers of the soul.

The most powerful force in healing is in the mind.  When the mind stays strong it is able to hold the intellect in a place where it can create a vision of healing, and it can begin to believe in that. We therefore need a strong, clear and spiritual mind - a mind open to all possibilities.   There must be a strong  desire to heal and a desire to search for more.

We want to stay healthy because we want to achieve the soul's purpose for being in this plane – to fulfill our life's purpose.Therefore, it is very important to make that spiritual connection to keep the mind sharp – the intellect, the thinking faculty, the power to visualize. Keep it intact and inspired by a Higher Consciousness. Learn to use mind power and take responsibility for the healing process.


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