Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Relationships and true well-being

"We live in communities. We are surrounded not only by human communities but those of other life forms as well.  I like to think of Social Well-being as being inclusive of all the communities that we live in and interact with. This is extremely important." Day 40

A community affords us relationships which  can be a great stressor  or they can be opportunities to grow in consciousness. Being in a social context can be stressful or can be liberating, depending on how we relate in that context.  We have the power to create relationships, and what is very important is to observe how we interact with our world in a multi-dimensional way. 

Observe your life and all relationships and see how  they contribute to your well-being. You may not even realize how subtle the stresses are, even when you think that they don't exist, and how they influence your well-being at a deeper level. The goal is  to create harmony in all relationships and to see the meaning and purpose of them; to use them as tools for spiritual growth, for promoting more harmony within and around. It is for promoting more enlightened living because the goal of life itself is the evolution of the soul.  It is the evolution of consciousness. 

The real invitation is to come into a space where we can see that everything around us is a divine expression, and our soul is connected to everything around us.The more we become aware of this, the more we will want to treat our world with compassion; the more we will see relationships as an opportunity to grow in this awareness. This is true social consciousness where we see all as divine; where we see meaning and purpose in relationships and how relationships can take us to another level of being. The truth is, the more we grow, the more we inspire growth around us. The more of us who grow in a certain consciousness, the more impactful that group is in terms of contributing positively to our world. 

We are all one. We all exist in the same Source and we have all come to support each other on the journey to freedom, happiness and true well-being.


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