Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A liberating view of illness

" Can we see the challenge of illness as a blessing in disguise?  I invite you today to take a liberating look at disease; that we may not become a victim, rather we may cooperate with the Higher Self and with Nature in an evolution of consciousness." Day 39

This is an invitation to take another look at disease; not as an impediment blocking our way, but as an agent of transformation.  That the soul, in coming in this lifetime, decided that it wanted to have that experience and so invited the experience; the experience itself is part of its life purpose. It is the whole idea of seeing adversity as a blessing on the soul’s journey of consciousness evolution.  It  invites us to see from another point of view and to take responsibility in the co-creative process of shifting the consciousness.

There is Divine Order in the Universe; everything happens for a reason.  The Law of Karma tells us this as well; that every event has a cause.  We just do not end up with illness unless there is a reason behind it.  Does sickness reveal something within us that is holding back our evolution of consciousness?

A soul interested in transformation should engage in: the transformative element in a disease; the transformative process in looking at disease and, in the experience of a disease.We need to open up the consciousness space to see it differently. When we are challenged by an illness that is repeating itself, we need to look deeper.

In the process of soul evolution, if we believe that there is more within us than just a physical body, there must be a place within us where we can see disease in a better way.  Only the wise will be able to make the shift to see the blessing in disguise.  The challenge to understand your soul more, to go deeper within your being and to use this as a transformative element in your spiritual growth is before you.

Remember, the purpose of life is to evolve in consciousness, not just to experience perfect health; it is to evolve in consciousness.  Can we see disease as part of that process? 


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