Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let food be your medicine

"Today, we look at the influence of food on our well-being. I am going to begin with the saying of Hippocrates, who is considered to be the father of Western medicine. This is what he says: “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.” He is telling us to be very careful as to what we eat. We take medicines to get better, to help restore our state of health, and in some cases to prevent diseases. So, we need to treat food with respect. " Day 36

As a seeker after true well-being, true happiness and  freedom,  it  is important to look at the influence of food on your well-being on our journey. You should eat in such a way that it should help you to survive longer and be more healthy. You should eat to live and not live to eat, not just going after the pleasure of taste, eating any and everything, indiscriminately. 

You must look at quantity, quality, how the food is prepared and how you  support the digestive process so that the essential nutrients are extracted for the body's survival and fitness.Another aspect to the process of eating is  how you  feel emotionally and physically. It is better to be stress free; the most powerful thing you can do is eat in an atmosphere of peace, calm and joyfulness. 

The process of feeding your body, which carries the soul, should be a sacred process because the body is a temple of your spiritual being. It is like an offering; in the same way we make offerings to the Divine, whether it is  mental, physical, or emotional offering, we need to think of food as an offering. In the yogic teaching they say: that food is God, food is Brahman.

You  have a responsibility for what you eat. Give attention to what you eat, how much  and how you eat. Treat food as Divine.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Be body conscious while spiruitually centred

" There is a saying: If you do not use it, you will lose it. Here we are speaking about your precious physical body and its need for activity. Are you in touch with your body? Are you really body conscious, and so centered in spiritual awareness that you can be aware of the needs of the body in order to be fit and healthy on the journey?  Day 35

The physical body is a creation of Nature to fulfill your life's purpose in this lifetime.It has an intelligence of its own. Therefore we need  to work with it in a way to keep it at its best.   To understand the body and relate to it in the best way, you have to give attention to it. Listen to it, understand how it works, understand what its needs are.

Learn to use the chakras to create a better relationship with the body.
Breathe into the navel chakra until you could feel there is prana in the body; the body will actually want to become more active. Also ensure that you bring the heart chakra in, so that you have a passion, you really honour the body and begin enjoying the body.  Bring in the brow center with focus and vision. Visualize the kind of body you want. Visualize how healthy you want to be and hold that vision very firmly, supporting the lower chakras. Hold in your mind the importance of good health. Staying in the base chakra allows you to ground in the world and enjoy physical activities. 

Then if you are able to access more of the crown, you will fill the body with great peace as you do everything in wonderful stillness, in connection to the Source of all vitality, all love, all mental strength. Your body will then enjoy the experience of being alive, healthy and fit. It is the consciousness that is important; and it is the focus that is important as you support the lower chakras. 

 When you begin your day, it is important to be centered in your energy being.  You need to come into soul consciousness as best as you can. This is when you can really  maintain the body in optimal condition, if you  are in a greater state of awareness.

 Hearing this message today made me feel really guilty about not giving the body the attention that it deserves. However,I do feel some hope that I can  draw grace from the Universe when I make the right effort and choices to keep the body healthy. I am reminded of the tools that I have within to strengthen self-discipline, and to keep that strong desire for a deeper connection with the Higher Power.


Pranayama - managing life force

" Today the subject is Pranayama; it is the management of the life force within us.  ‘Prana’ can be translated as life force and ‘ayama’ means extension, drawing out, controlling, restraining.  So pranayama means extending this energy, managing this energy."  Day 34

Prana abounds in the Universe. According to the Yoga tradition, in our pranic body, we have seventy-two thousand (72,000) channels through which prana can flow.  There is prana (subtle energy) in the air that you breathe.  When you breathe the air into your being, your pranic body picks up that life force and it recharges your body.  The breathing is a step in controlling and being in touch with this life force. 

At the navel centre, the Manipura chakra is a storage area of prana. When you learn the yoga breathing and you breathe into the navel area, you can actually store an abundance of prana in this area that can be like a reserve. When you begin to learn to control the subtle energies behind the breathing, you find that you are more in command over this invisible life force within you. You can bring healing energies through the pranic body, recharging the nervous system; stimulating body functions from a spiritual level; bring about healing within the body; and influence the space around you with this vitality, with this presence.

Over the years, I have learnt several breathing exercises and I do enjoy them when I practice. However, the challenge has always been to keep a discipline and practice every day. The message today is a powerful reminder of the power of pranayama to awaken chakras even more  and to energise the entire body using this pranic energy that we can become aware of in the breathing.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Be emotionally wise

" Emotions are powerful streams of energy generated in our consciousness. We need to understand them; we need to use them appropriately and we need to use them wisely on our journey to freedom and true well-being.  Our spiritual Consciousness gives us a heightened awareness, and this heightened awareness on the spiritual path is an invitation to see more in the consciousness. Not just thoughts but also emotions." Day 33 

The most powerful companion for love is when the brow chakra opens up. Then it is able to support love in a very powerful way. It is therefore important that head and heart work together, that there be a balance in wisdom and passion on the journey. Otherwise we will never be able to explore the fullness of the heart which allows us to love in greater measure, and to move from selfish loving to selfless loving.  

Therefore we need to be aware of every emotion that passes our consciousness.This is described as having emotional intelligence: to be appropriate in terms of our emotional posture to bring out the best in our relationships, even if it is a relationship with our own physical body.

I have been working to develop a more loving relationship with my physical body, to actively care for it by giving it the right diet, rest and some exercise,which I know needs a great deal of improvement. I also try to  nurture the body with healing meditations and to cultivate an attitude of  reverence towards it as the temple for my soul. I therefore appreciate the importance of head and heart working well together to energize and create well-being in the body. 

Be emotionally wise! Stay spiritually connected to the source of all love – your spiritual being.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The power of prayer,mantra and affirmations

" Today I want to deal with the subject of prayer, mantras and affirmations as tools to help us on the journey: to protect the mind; to energise our being, and; to lead us towards accomplishing our vision. " Day 32.

Prayer  is a powerful tool on the journey, a way of reaching out to that  Supreme Power, acknowledging that Power; giving attention to It; seeking help.  But we also need to see the Universe’s response to our prayer and to use it effectively. Throughout our journey, we can use the power of prayer very positively, very powerfully, to hold the mind firm in that awareness of a Supreme Power; to connect with it and to stay in its consciousness, being a perfect instrument.

We have the use of mantras as a gift on the spiritual path. Mantras are also very powerful tools, creating vibrations in the inner and outer space that are harmonious. They have tremendous healing potential.  It can be a marvellous journey towards healing and towards that space of freedom, repeating these sacred words.

Mantras and prayers can be affirmations.  Affirmations centre us in a certain awareness and as we repeat them, they hold us there, keeping our minds strong on the journey.  They align us to our vision and as we keep on repeating them, they energise us, helping us towards our goal. 

When we repeat affirmations, prayer or mantras, the first step is to listen to it as we say it; and say it continuously with awareness, holding the present moment until the affirmation, prayer or mantra begins to stay in the mind very powerfully.  So it moves beyond just the voice.

This message resonates deep within me for I know and feel that I have been tremendously blessed by the power of prayer,mantras and affirmations. I would say that this talk validates my experiences. Prayer for me is very personal, just a conversation  with a Greater Power in a deeper space. I continue to use ancient mantras for healing and harmony within myself and I feel very empowered when I repeat  affirmations.

I strongly recommend these as powerful tools to strengthen our connection with the Divine, to hold our minds in a positive and protective space, to help in the healing of our bodies, to keep us aligned to our vision and to hold us on our journey.


Going beyond the mind

" How do we get to that state of mental well-being where our mind becomes our friend on the journey? -when it becomes quiet, meeting our wishes, and rises to the occasion when we need it to.  What is the secret to peace of mind? That  is an important aspect of total well-being – to achieve that we have to go to a space beyond the mind." Day 31

It is important to remember that you can live in the world, be involved in everything else and still have that inner space of freedom and true well-being as you go on.  You can live in the world but not be of it. How is this possible? There will always be challenges on the journey, but you have the tools to deal with it. 

You  need to understand that there is Divine Order in the Universe; that everything that happens, happens for a reason. There is meaning and purpose in every event! When you begin to see Divine Order, even though you might be challenged,you learn  how to surrender, and  look carefully at the object of your desire and how firm you are, so that you do not give your power away to any other pattern of behaviour in you that will lead you away from your goal. 

Be discriminating and  maintain a discipline of behaviour,  thinking and  acting that is in line with your desire – your vision.  The secret to peace of mind lies in your total alignment to your vision that nothing can distract you, and your mind supports you completely.
Ask  yourself: What does it mean for me?  What lesson does it have for me? What is my learning outcome from this event?  What is the blessing that I am receiving in terms of my spiritual growth?



Monday, April 25, 2011

Thoughts tell a story

 " It is important to observe these thoughts and to see the story that they tell. These thoughts tell a story, an important story for us to observe. Are they just random thoughts, having no real power but just occupying the mind? Then we need to learn how to deal with these, as I have been telling you. You can use a sacred word in repetition, to lessen the thoughts and to go deeper inside. But if these thoughts arise within you, and they are not just random thoughts, they disturb your state of well-being, mental well-being then you need to look carefully at them." Day 30

What are these thoughts based on? If these thoughts are telling us a story, then it is important to understand the story. Are these thoughts based on fear, anxiety, impatience, attachment , lack of forgiveness, vengeance, hate, disease in the body? Or  is it a call from your soul to manifest a higher quality within you? Is it a call to manifest forgiveness, charity, understanding, patience, kindness, compassion? You seek complex answers, and you seek out those who will tell you what you want to hear, but are you ready for the truth?

The solution to every problem is within your soul. When  thoughts disturb you to the extent that when you sit to meditate, you cannot remove them from the mind, then you need to give attention to them, using the power of your intellect to dismantle this thought pattern that is causing stress.You need also to seek to make that connection to the Source of Wisdom inside. The Universe is a benevolent Universe; it offers Grace – powerfully, abundantly to help you out of  your bondage. Are you ready to make that connection, to find all the answers within you or around you through the power of grace?

Be wise! Seek that connection that could bring you to a state of peace.With every effort that you have, seek wisdom and seek it within. 


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Training the mind

" We are often told that the mind behaves like a monkey jumping here there and everywhere.  The mind can become your best friend if you train it well or your worst enemy if it is untrained.  We do not give attention to training the mind and the possibilities that we can achieve with a trained mind. It is amazing to see the power of a trained mind; a mind that is able to focus well and generate a particular train of thoughts.  Do you have that?  Do you really have a trained mind?  If your mind is not trained, what are you doing about it? Are you happy with an untrained, scattered and worrisome mind?  Are you happy with a mind that dissipates your energy, your vitality, that is indecisive, that cannot stay quiet for a minute? " Day 29

The mind is the most powerful part of our being. It is therefore essential to learn how to train the mind. The first step is to really lessen  the number of thoughts, so that you can have one particular thought in the mind. In the science of yoga, one thought that is used to train the mind and ultimately liberate the mind, is called ‘Mantra’.  An essential meaning of mantra is that which protects the mind and ultimately that which liberates the mind. Having a trained mind is something you work for, not something that just appears one day, no matter how hard you pray.  You have to work for it

You can begin a practice of repeating a mantra or affirmation that you feel close to. Try to do it in a place  and  a time  when you are not disturbed by anything around you. Begin the practice of repeating the mantra, and as you say it inside,  observe how you are saying it.  This is necessary because here you are opening up the consciousness, so you see you are repeating it. That is the beginning of mind training.

I have found that mantra repetition is a very powerful tool for quieting  and energizing the mind .A quiet mind can pick up the wisdom from within and around.  A mind that is busy cannot really pick up everything from the space. It also holds you in the present moment, so you are not thinking of the past or the future.

When we repeat and give attention to a mantra or sacred word and really hold it in reverence, it  can keep us connected to that great power that we exist in, that Supreme Power.  What more can we ask for, if this word can keep us connected to that power? 

It's certainly worth the effort to have a trained mind,  it is a great asset, a great friend on life's journey.


Harnessing the power of the mind

"Today I want to speak about harnessing the power of your mind, so that you can influence your entire being on your journey to total well-being, to freedom, to happiness, to self-fulfillment, to self-realization. If you have a tool, naturally you would want to use it to best advantage. You have a mind that is incredibly powerful. Are you using it to your best advantage? Even though challenged, however much mental power you can muster or gather, you need to use it. Use every bit of mental power that you have on this journey. It is your most powerful resource on this journey." Day 28

I know that the mind is a powerful  instrument that can help us to achieve whatever we want. We need to learn how to use it responsibly. We have all come to this earthly plane for a particular reason. What is the Universe asking me to do by virtue of the circumstances around me ?  The responsibilities around me ?  The situation around me? What is the Universe saying to me? What is my purpose? What is my soul call? What is my soul saying to me?

Sometimes we need help to figure out what our life purpose is. If you cannot figure it out for yourself, there are those around you who can help you. There are guides, coaches, therapists, Gurus and others who, with their sharp minds and who are in contact with that inner space, can help you to find out what your life goal is.  When you know that, then you can begin to apply your mental power  to influence the Universe to support you in achieving this goal.   

You need to have a vision that can hold you firmly on the journey, inspiring you to bring all your thoughts together.As you become more aware, you can bring awakened chakra energies from every area together in support of your vision. As things change,you must learn to modify your vision appropriately, use all the information, resources, and people available to you to help you  achieve whatever you want. 

Be responsible. Be wise. Use all the power that you have.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Strive for total well-being

"When we think of well-being, let us look at the whole: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social well-being.  We can have issues at all these levels and one can influence the other.  When you are powerfully stabilised in your spiritual being, you can handle the whole scenario, regardless of challenges.  The call for true self leadership (or being in charge) is a call to open up our spiritual consciousness as much as we can; so much so that no matter how involved we are in the human experience, that spiritual consciousness continues." Day 27 
If we really want to enjoy the human experience we need to look at every aspect of our well-being.Spiritual well-being, however, is the most important.  We need to develop a deep connection with the Higher Self so that no matter how challenged we are, if our desire is strong enough, we can draw grace from the Universe.

Our mental well-being comes from having a sharp intellect and being able to access intuitive guidance from the Higher Self. Even in the midst of activity, we can hold on to that connection.Intellect and intuition need to work powerfully as they influence at the physical level, the brain, the most important part of the human being.

The intellect also needs to have a harmonious relationship with the heart so that we can manage our emotions.When we are hijacked by negative emotions, we lose our power; hence the need for the intellect to observe what is happening, and to open up and protect the heart,our emotional centre.

A wise person in the human experience will take good care of the physical body because if the body is challenged, it may distract us from our journey of self -growth.The body is made up of many intelligent systems: immune, circulatory, digestive, nervous and can tell us what is needed. We must learn to live in harmony with it.

We also must pay attention to our social well-being, recognizing that we live in a co-existence with other life forms.We need to learn how best to interact with our world. When there is harmonious co-existence, the feedback of energy towards us can be uplifting.  When there is disharmony in that co-existence, it can also pull us down in terms of well-being.

Let us all strive for total well-being so that we can truly enjoy the adventure of Life. 


It's time to take charge

"Your destiny is to be awakened.  Your destiny is not to be a slave to anyone, but to be a master of your senses and a master of your journey. That is your destiny! It is time to take responsibility. Don't put responsibility in the hands of others for your well-being, for your career, for your life, for your relationships. Come into that space where you can take charge of your journey. Ultimately, you have to, so why not do it now! Today!" Day 26

I felt a sense of urgency with this message, that I have no time to waste; I need to take charge of my journey today, not tomorrow, or next week, but right now in this moment. It is our ultimate calling - to come into our soul awareness and power.The beauty of it is that we have been given  all that we need to pursue the journey, and once we are inspired and determined to do so, we see how the hand of Grace supports us.

When we begin to pay attention and make small changes every day that manifest  an awareness of our Divinity, then we are on our way to fulfilling our destiny as a master of our journey. Here are a few lines by Patanjali that reflect today's message and encourage us to have big dreams:

"When you are inspired.....dormant forces,faculties and talents become alive,and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be."


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Sacred Battle in the Inner Space

" Where does the true power lie?  Is it in the pull of the senses or is it in the call of the spirit?  The greatest power within us is really in our spiritual being. So on this journey of evolution of consciousness that we are on, we need to explore more and more the spiritual consciousness that we have, and spiritual power that is available to us, to deal with this battle of the instincts that we have in the human experience.  The human pull, the material pull, is a very strong one; it is a basic instinct. 
This spiritual journey to our true power is a journey of stages.  In the Yogic wisdom, these stages are called Granthis, or knots.  There are three stages: Brahma granthi, Vishnu granthi, Rudra granthi." Day 25

Each granthi is a doorway into the consciousness:
Brahma granthi - the first stage of the journey - involves the first two chakras, there is a strong pull by the material world, but the spiritual instinct is awakened.  We know that there is more.

Vishnu granthi - the second stage of the journey. This consciousness involves the Manipura chakra, Anahata chakra and Vishudha chakra. Our worship becomes different: we begin to worship the God of love; we begin to worship the God of vitality. But we are still associated with the lower centres; the human world still drives us.

Rudra granthi- third stage of soul development where we pierce a knot between the eyebrows. We begin to be able to see the world differently. For the first time, we begin to look from a different space, a space of co-creation, where we can be involved in the co-creation or we can identify with divinity.  This step is the most powerful step on the journey because it allows us, in the soul consciousness, to bring in soul power that can help to manage the lower chakras.

We are drawn on one hand by the material world and we are pulled on the other side by the spiritual being within us.  This is the human experience. Sometimes it can be a battlefield in the inner space. 
When we begin to understand the journey and give attention to the soul power within,  we begin to work with that Supreme Power inside of us.That is when  intellect and intuition work in harmony.  Then we can hope for the greatest energy, the greatest consciousness in the human experience that takes us to the state of true well-being.  Then we can weather any storm in  life.

Learn to manage the journey with all forces working in harmony.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The way of the wise seeker

Day 24 " We do not become that powerful seeker overnight. It is a journey of steps. However, in seeking to come to that centre of stability, we can develop certain qualities that can help us on the journey, to be the best that we can be.  What are these qualities that can help us on the journey that we should all embrace if we are to be a good seeker after what we desire? These principles apply to anything spiritual or material. We need these principles."

If we want to be truly wise in our seeking, we need to integrate the four qualities mentioned in today's message : Desire, Discrimination, Detachment and Discipline.

First, we must have such a strong desire that we never forget what the goal is -  to know and live as a spiritual being in the human experience.When we are  focused on what we want, and hold fast to a clear vision,then a  constant discriminating ability will help us protect the vision.Even though we may be involved   in other things, we must have the greatest love for our vision, so that we can easily detach from everything else. It's so easy to forget so we need to constantly remind ourselves to do the things that will lead us to our vision. Keeping a discipline  will also help us to avoid distractions when they come.

My experience has been that when you are challenged by illness, it is important to have the support of those who model these qualities and who by their mere Presence can energize you. I begin to see what is possible, a new reality awakens. I continue to trust and surrender to the Greater Power that takes care of all of us.

Be wise in your seeking!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Take responsible steps on the journey

"This journey to true well-being is a journey of steps. Day 23
On the journey of the chakras, isn't it wise to learn how to improve our vitality as we begin to use lower chakras in the physical experience? Isn't it important to learn all the physical steps to improve our vitality? Isn't it important to learn how to breathe well to improve our vitality? Then as we ascend the ladder, isn't it important to look at our emotional being and try to improve our emotions? Isn't it important as we begin to open up our emotions to learn how to manage them with the help of higher thinking? Then isn't it important as we get into higher thinking to learn how to be stable in the region of higher thinking, by going a step further to that Source within?
Therefore, shouldn't we start with keeping the body healthy and fit with all the information we have? We don't need to have a university degree to keep the body healthy and fit. The body itself tells us how to do that. It tells us how much rest it needs. It tells us how much food it needs, if only we would listen."

This message reminds me of how important it is to listen the body and the steps we can take to bring it to optimal health.The lower chakras help us to keep the body strong, manage our sexuality  and improve our vitality. The higher chakras  help us to manage the mind and emotions.When our inner guide is awakened,we can follow our intuition and work with the intellect to make the body a worthy vessel and a good chariot.

 The journey begins with the first step. Build on it and become stronger.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Take a deeper look at true well-being

"Day 22  True well-being is not just about eating right.  It is not just about exercising.  It is not just about thinking positive thoughts or just about manifesting love.  It is about going to that place inside where you can continue to manage your thoughts no matter how much the mind is challenged.  You can look at the mind from another space and you can manage the mind.  When you become emotionally challenged, you can observe the space and manage the emotions. When you are physically challenged, you can stand back in that place where you are already happy and contented inside and meet with the experience of “dis-ease” from a place of fearlessness. You are centered in a place where you will never die; where you are immortal in your being and you can watch the world of change.  You can observe the world of change from that place of changeless being, immersed in your immortality, in your peace, in your place of true well-being.  That is the place where we need to go.  That is the vision."

What a noble vision for all of humanity, not just a select few. I marvel always at the way Sri Vasudeva is able to share ancient teachings so convincingly that I am moved to want to have the experience in the moment, right then and there as he speaks. I want to wake up from the dream that prevents me from knowing and experiencing the true essence of my being - that place of freedom, immortality, fearlessness,eternal youth and true well-being -the paradise within.

Our life in this world is unpredictable; anything can happen anytime.These messages point a way for me to wake up from the dream, to be centered in  a deeper space,so that I am better prepared for the challenges of life.  I need to listen to the inner guidance, observe, create and hold  that vision for myself.

I ask for Grace as I continue to make effort on this journey to true well-being.


Become the best seeker

"How are we seeking? Do we wait until some disease comes to the body and then we are ready to act, but so long as the body is well we fall back into the old pattern of pleasure seeking? Denying that we are going to grow old? The body is going to age and we are going to be challenged later on more and more with disease because we are more vulnerable.
Are we like the second seeker? We begin to practice only when we are inspired? When we go to the gym or we see someone practicing to be physically healthy, we jump on the boat. When we are caught up in something else, it is all forgotten.
Are we like the third seeker? We are seeing what is going to happen ahead; it becomes very clear in our mind what this earth plane will give to us. We can see ahead already, and we are wise; we do not want to get caught. We immediately, in the now, begin to make this an important concern and priority, and do everything that we can to find that place of constant well-being." Day 21

This message stirred up a lot of emotions within me. I know where I want to be,and yet, I seem to forget so easily that my goal is to have that moment to moment awareness of  “Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?” The illusion of this world is so powerful that I become caught up, falling back into old patterns, putting less priority on my spiritual journey.

I know that I have to silence the inner critic and be open and receptive to the Grace that abounds during this period. I want to believe that subtle changes are  taking place. I just have to continue to appreciate and be thankful that, at least, I know that this life is a journey with a beginning and an end.

So, I am committing to the rest of the 40 Days, hoping that I would gain more clarity, more confidence and more contentment on the path. 


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Use the intellect powerfully

If you have been following this blog, then you know that I have been participating in a 40 Days meditation retreat held by Blue Star Trinidad and Tobago. This year's  theme is Secrets to True Well-Being.  Today's message was Managing the Chariot of Life Day 20

As we have reached the half-way mark in the retreat, I  wondered if there are any real changes taking place within me, or am I just enjoying some intellectual stimulation. Yes, I have been listening, reading, pondering and trying to have a deeper awareness in meditation . Yet, I don't feel as if I am making any progress and I watch how thoughts arise in my mind that are not very helpful.

Today's message, using the analogy of the body as a chariot,  reminded me of how important it is for  my intellect, my mind, my senses and my  desires to be working in harmony  on my spiritual journey. I must hold firm my personal vision, the blueprint I have for my life and ensure that my desires will lead me on my soul's journey to freedom. I have to use my intellect powerfully to dismantle negative thoughts and images I carry. 

I know I should be patient with myself, surrender and trust in the process that is taking place within.

Cultivate true body awareness

It is therefore extremely important to understand, "What does my physical body truly need to be well and supportive, and to be resilient in the human experience?  What does it need from me that it can serve me the best, so that we can co-exist in a harmonious and purposeful relationship?" This requires cultivating physical body awareness in an objective way - in a way that you truly understand the body, its intelligence and its needs, being able to see the difference between its needs and your desires, covering or masking those needs. That is extremely important. Be in touch with your body .Day 19 

As I reflect on today's message, I realize that I  have been neglectful of my body, in the past,without intending to do so.This makes me feel sad, but I don't want to be caught up in  emotions that will impact on my  body negatively. I have been trying to be more aware of the kind of emotions that arise in different situations in the moment. Before I become overwhelmed by the feelings, I start repeating a mantra in my mind and I ask for Grace to understand and let the emotions be released.

Another area that  I have to improve is exercise. Although  I know my body benefits from physical activities, I am rather delinquent in keeping a regular schedule. I tend to be more taken up in keeping the mind positive  and really   have no excuses for I do have the time.

So, this message encourages me of the need for total awareness: of mind,emotional body,physical body and spiritual being. I know where my limitations are and I have to do all that I can to stay strong and be well. My wish is that I will continue to strive for optimum health so that I can complete  my life's purpose.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Appreciating The Human Self

If you can really appreciate what I am saying, you will really be able to see the beauty of the whole spectrum of the human experience: being captured; thinking that it is a human being; experiencing the drives of the human being; coming into a spiritual consciousness; beginning to experience a spiritual being inside, of greater power and awareness.As that spiritual consciousness really matures, that being begins to appreciate the human organism, the human vehicle, and the human drives, from a different place; seeing the beauty of the human experience.  Day 18

The human body is a great gift, designed and created for us to participate in the ultimate game of Life.Sometimes this may not be easy  to appreciate, especially when the body is challenged by illness.I remember last September the body got an eye infection which lasted for a week. It was scary and most uncomfortable. I began to imagine what  my world would be like if I no longer had the power of sight. I am thankful that the body fought off the infection with the help of antibiotics. I now  have greater appreciation for my eyes and my immune system.

It's simply amazing how the body works and what it can do. It gives the soul the opportunity to have a human experience such that the soul is captured and thinks that it is a human being! Can you imagine that? However, when we become spiritually awakened, then we can choose between the more elevating spiritual experiences and the  lower experiences of the human self. We can live in a higher consciousness,seeing the beauty of the entire human experience, without fighting with or judging the human self in the lower expressions.This is the hope for humanity.

We must remember however we use the body in the human experience, it's real purpose is meant for the soul's freedom.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Where am I on the journey?

As we journey this path opening up the consciousness, we experience both the limitations of the chakras and also their powerful qualities.Remember that your chakras involve the entire range of human activities. It is important to know where you are in terms of your spiritual awakening; in terms of your well-being. Where are you?  This sort of reflection is important on the journey, if you are to decide how you are to move forward and how you deal with the limited side of chakras that tend to draw you into disharmony. Day 17

 The tools of self-reflection and introspection allow us to gauge where we are on our journey. This is very important if we want to make responsible steps to move forward. We need to be honest with ourselves and recognize what is needed at the moment. I think that we need to work on identifying  our strengths and limitations,own them, take personal responsibility and identify strategies for greater self-management and self-empowerment.

We are all seeking happiness and well-being; we need to bring spirituality   in a more meaningful way into our everyday  lives.

"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude."
- Denis Waitley


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Make your body 'lifeworthy'

Another interesting message about the human body Day 16  We need to remember that the body is there for a purpose, to serve the soul on its journey to learn and grow in the human experience – to become free. In the same way, if you are on a journey on land you need a roadworthy vehicle, and if you are on a journey on sea you need a seaworthy vehicle, when you are on life’s journey, you need a ‘lifeworthy’ vehicle

The human body is intelligent; it can be trained to be fit , to be strong, to be healthy, to serve our needs as a soul in the human experience.We have to become more aware of our soul power in the chakras and use them to drive the human experience.

We can begin to give attention to our everyday activities such as breathing, walking, speaking,singing, dancing and observe how the energy feels in the body. If you give a little more awareness to what is  happening, and there is any awakening of spiritual consciousness within you, you will begin to realize that more is involved in these activities.

This should encourage you to want to explore some more to really understand and use the powers in the soul to achieve optimal health. It is the most important thing we could do for ourselves, for our greatest wealth is having good health and well-being.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

I love my body!

Today's message  Day 15  tells us how important it is to understand that the purpose of the   human body is to serve the soul on this physical plane. We have become so caught in the human experience that we think we are going to live on this plane forever. We must become aware that though we live in the body, we are  souls on a journey of self-realization.

The body has an intelligence of its own apart from the soul.Every cell within the body is intelligent - an immune system cell, blood cell, nerve cell,bone cell. The brain and nervous system allows the soul to communicate with the body; so there is a cellular and system intelligence.The chakra system is aligned with the endocrine system and the nerve plexuses in the body. It is important to study the human body and to create a relationship with it so that we can better take care of its needs and maintain its health.

Having this knowledge and awareness makes me more appreciative of the human body and the need to preserve its health so that I can complete my life's purpose.Understanding the design and how the systems in the body operate help me to be more responsible in taking care of it so that I can use it to serve my purpose as a soul - that of coming  back into a place where I can realize all that I am,as an immortal being,free and happy.

We only get one body per lifetime, so we must truly care for it. Respect and honour the body as a sacred temple for the Divine.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Be relentless in the quest for the ultimate

The journey of our life is to  go from the darkness of the limited human consciousness into the Light of the experience of our soul's consciousness and power in its fullness.It is a journey through energy fields, energy qualities and a journey of expanding self-identity. We grow in the consciousness.

The journey of consciousness evolution is a journey of remembering, to come back into that state of Being that we have always been. It does not matter what happens in the human experience. It does not matter what the outcome is, the joy is in the manifesting from that selfless space; that unconditionally loving space, that non-judgmental space that is not caught up in the human experience. That is the goal. 

So on this journey, if you want to be fully established in the highest place in your Being, in the highest form of consciousness, you need to ask the question, "Is there more?"    Day 14

Every idea expressed in this talk resonates in a deep space within me and I am encouraged to continue on this path of  self-inquiry and self-discovery. It is reassuring to know that there are other like-minded souls who are sharing their energies on this journey and who are committed to their true well-being. So, I need to get my plan off the shelf and put it into practice, practice,practice.


From the ordinary to the extraordinary

We all exist in a Supreme Consciousness that has limited itself and has become us. This is known as the involution of Consciousness which takes place in seven stages. Every chakra holds us in a self- identity and a certain spectrum of energies that we can manifest.Day 13

Chakras are usually described as  lotuses because they open up to light and close in darkness.Each chakra opens up in stages and different qualities are expressed when the chakras are opened as compared to when they are closed.  If we understand the chakras and self-identities generated and their possibilities,we are then better able to manage the human experience in a more powerful and enjoyable way.

Each chakra can be a path to freedom. I think  knowing and working with the chakra system will open up our awareness. It provides us with steps to explore our inner world and to align it with the outer world. I believe that it represents the full spectrum of human possibility that leads  us from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Over the years, I  have observed changes in myself  and I know there is so much more to explore.I  have realized that I was giving a lot of attention to the upper chakras: the brow, the throat, the heart and neglected  the lower chakras : the navel, sacral and base. Every chakra is important on the journey. So, I have to learn to tap into the power of each chakra to bring about balance, healing and well-being. 

I leave you today with the following:
He who knows others is wise,but he who knows himself is enlightened. ~Lao Tzu


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It is a journey for all of us.

"We have seven chakras within us and each one brings us a new dimension of experience in the human experience. They are all interconnected because they are involved with different areas of human activity: sexuality, vitality, emotions, vocal activity, communication, mental activity, understanding, focus, reasoning.  There are chakras in all of these areas.  Chakras are in our spiritual body, in our Soul and they allow us to influence the human experience from that space."  Day 12

It has been some years now since I first heard the word "chakras", and I am always excited to learn more about them. I have read, studied and discussed some messages and have been trying to become more aware, more sensitive  of this  subtle energy system within me.  Theoretically, I would say that I have a fair understanding of the chakras as a  gateway between my physical body and my soul.

The challenge has been to have more practical experiences of this energy. It calls for discipline, determination, devotion,patience and practice........and  so my journey through the chakras is ongoing. I believe the knowledge and experience of the chakras will help me to have a more empowering and enjoyable human experience. It is my hope that as  I continue to make  effort, I will draw the Grace of the Universe to support me.This is a journey for all of us: to seek more understanding, more soul power and self-mastery.


Captured in the Human Experience

The title of today's talk   Day 11 " Captured in the Human Experience"   jolted my mind.

There  was a desire to not be a captive, but to be free; to have power over myself. Immediately, the mind began to think "how can I do this? what steps  can I take to attain freedom. I must find some answers."
My spiritual being, having a human experience, has forgotten what it really is. I believe that spending time learning and  making the effort to put into practice will help me to remember who I am.

Reflecting on today's message, it became much clearer that I have been  given a map  for my journey to freedom.  The chakra system is a path that can help me.My spiritual being can gather information from the physical world through its energy connections with the physical body. When these energy centres, the chakras, become activated, then I can become more soul conscious and have a greater influence on the human experience. 

I have often wondered if the soul is so powerful, how can it allow itself to forget what it is.  I realize now  that the soul has its own sensory system, powers that follow exactly the human senses and  the powers of action. The soul believes that it is human   and so  it is captured.

Therefore, the soul must develop power over the senses and seek another kind of power. This is how the chakra system comes into play. We must wake up the chakras to help us master the human experience. 

Yes, I certainly think this is fascinating!.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Kundalini - our personal Guide to freedom

The Energy that brought us into limitation and that can take us back to freedom is called Kundalini.  When that Energy is awakened in us, an exciting journey begins as we become more soul conscious. Day 10

There are many energy experiences we will have on the path of Kundalini at different levels depending on where the individual is in the consciousness. We need to understand how this energy works within us and how it supports us on the journey to freedom.

The  journey is an expansion in consciousness, so we need to consider how conscious we are becoming. Are we more peaceful, more loving? Are we more aware of our connection with the Supreme?Are we better able to manage the human experience?  Take some time for serious reflection.


Free the Soul from human limitations

The human body is perishable, it ages and ultimately it dies. We have become so conditioned to thinking and believing that we are just physical beings,that it is hard to think of  another possibility. However, when we become more aware that we are more than the physical body, we can then begin to explore the power of our souls. To what end you may ask?  That we may transform the human consciousness and free our souls from human limitations. Day 9

I had mentioned previously that I did some meditation classes and I have realized that I can "catch the experience" easily by being in the Presence of a spiritual teacher who has the experience. As I continue to explore my world, I ask,"How can I become more aware of my spiritual being and bring more awareness and power into the human experience?"

I like to make lists to remind myself, I find it is helpful to read, ponder and try to put some idea into practice, so  am sharing some points that I have noted so far: 
-have the desire for spiritual awakening
-associate with human beings who live in higher awareness
-begin to look at energy experiences
-observe  what happens in your daily activities
-remain open to other possibilities
-seek a guide who is anchored in spiritual awareness
-practice,practice, practice
-have patience

We are all unique individuals on this journey, so take some time to reflect on what appeals to you and what might be possible in your world,ask yourself, "am I ready to free my soul from human limitations?"

Have a great Monday!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Have a strong desire for spiritual awakening

Each morning's message and meditation by Sri Vasudeva continues to inspire and uplift me.I feel that I am being supported in my spiritual  journey in a way that is not easy to describe. It's more than just understanding the words that are spoken; it's  experiencing a part of me that has the knowledge already. Does that make sense to you?

Today's message  Day 8  reminded me of  when I first started meditation classes some years ago. I struggled to sit in a proper posture,to keep the mind quiet,and wondered when I would become spiritually awakened. I knew that some kind of inner change was taking place, I just did not know at the time what it meant.Thankfully, my soul knew and  remembered.

Now, I have a better  understanding of how important spiritual awakening is to the human experience.Without it, I would not have known that the greatest part of me is the spiritual being within. I try to nurture the desire to experience the power of my soul in every waking moment.  I give thanks for the grace and blessing of  having a spiritual guide to help me on my inner journey.

Dear friends, the Universe is full of grace,once you seek, you will find. May you be blessed with  a strong desire to know your Divine Self and may you have the blessing of an experienced Guide to point the way. Then, it is all up to you to commit to the discipline of practice, if you want to achieve anything. 


Friday, April 1, 2011

Open yourself to the experience of Grace

Everything we see and experience in the Universe is energy, which can be transformed from one form to another.The Supreme Consciousness uses energy in contracting itself into individual souls. It limits itself in seven stages until it   reaches the gross stage which is the human experience. Day 7   This  is a play of  Consciousness and Energy.

In this process of involution, the consciousness is so limited that it forgets its true nature.It has now become a limited being , thinking that it lacks knowledge and power, that it is aging, and that it is going to die. But there is a glimmer of hope,all is not lost.

Deep within the core of our being, our soul remembers its true essence.  The Supreme Soul has created this game of limiting itself  and then going back to the awareness of that which It is and has always been.The moment we begin to seek for what we think we have lost, the power of grace surrounds us and so our  journey begins.

It sounds like a fairy tale, doesn't it?  But the more we experience deeper levels of our Being through our spiritual practices, we begin to realize that it really is the story of our lives.