Saturday, April 9, 2011

I love my body!

Today's message  Day 15  tells us how important it is to understand that the purpose of the   human body is to serve the soul on this physical plane. We have become so caught in the human experience that we think we are going to live on this plane forever. We must become aware that though we live in the body, we are  souls on a journey of self-realization.

The body has an intelligence of its own apart from the soul.Every cell within the body is intelligent - an immune system cell, blood cell, nerve cell,bone cell. The brain and nervous system allows the soul to communicate with the body; so there is a cellular and system intelligence.The chakra system is aligned with the endocrine system and the nerve plexuses in the body. It is important to study the human body and to create a relationship with it so that we can better take care of its needs and maintain its health.

Having this knowledge and awareness makes me more appreciative of the human body and the need to preserve its health so that I can complete my life's purpose.Understanding the design and how the systems in the body operate help me to be more responsible in taking care of it so that I can use it to serve my purpose as a soul - that of coming  back into a place where I can realize all that I am,as an immortal being,free and happy.

We only get one body per lifetime, so we must truly care for it. Respect and honour the body as a sacred temple for the Divine.

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