Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The power of prayer,mantra and affirmations

" Today I want to deal with the subject of prayer, mantras and affirmations as tools to help us on the journey: to protect the mind; to energise our being, and; to lead us towards accomplishing our vision. " Day 32.

Prayer  is a powerful tool on the journey, a way of reaching out to that  Supreme Power, acknowledging that Power; giving attention to It; seeking help.  But we also need to see the Universe’s response to our prayer and to use it effectively. Throughout our journey, we can use the power of prayer very positively, very powerfully, to hold the mind firm in that awareness of a Supreme Power; to connect with it and to stay in its consciousness, being a perfect instrument.

We have the use of mantras as a gift on the spiritual path. Mantras are also very powerful tools, creating vibrations in the inner and outer space that are harmonious. They have tremendous healing potential.  It can be a marvellous journey towards healing and towards that space of freedom, repeating these sacred words.

Mantras and prayers can be affirmations.  Affirmations centre us in a certain awareness and as we repeat them, they hold us there, keeping our minds strong on the journey.  They align us to our vision and as we keep on repeating them, they energise us, helping us towards our goal. 

When we repeat affirmations, prayer or mantras, the first step is to listen to it as we say it; and say it continuously with awareness, holding the present moment until the affirmation, prayer or mantra begins to stay in the mind very powerfully.  So it moves beyond just the voice.

This message resonates deep within me for I know and feel that I have been tremendously blessed by the power of prayer,mantras and affirmations. I would say that this talk validates my experiences. Prayer for me is very personal, just a conversation  with a Greater Power in a deeper space. I continue to use ancient mantras for healing and harmony within myself and I feel very empowered when I repeat  affirmations.

I strongly recommend these as powerful tools to strengthen our connection with the Divine, to hold our minds in a positive and protective space, to help in the healing of our bodies, to keep us aligned to our vision and to hold us on our journey.


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