Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Appreciating The Human Self

If you can really appreciate what I am saying, you will really be able to see the beauty of the whole spectrum of the human experience: being captured; thinking that it is a human being; experiencing the drives of the human being; coming into a spiritual consciousness; beginning to experience a spiritual being inside, of greater power and awareness.As that spiritual consciousness really matures, that being begins to appreciate the human organism, the human vehicle, and the human drives, from a different place; seeing the beauty of the human experience.  Day 18

The human body is a great gift, designed and created for us to participate in the ultimate game of Life.Sometimes this may not be easy  to appreciate, especially when the body is challenged by illness.I remember last September the body got an eye infection which lasted for a week. It was scary and most uncomfortable. I began to imagine what  my world would be like if I no longer had the power of sight. I am thankful that the body fought off the infection with the help of antibiotics. I now  have greater appreciation for my eyes and my immune system.

It's simply amazing how the body works and what it can do. It gives the soul the opportunity to have a human experience such that the soul is captured and thinks that it is a human being! Can you imagine that? However, when we become spiritually awakened, then we can choose between the more elevating spiritual experiences and the  lower experiences of the human self. We can live in a higher consciousness,seeing the beauty of the entire human experience, without fighting with or judging the human self in the lower expressions.This is the hope for humanity.

We must remember however we use the body in the human experience, it's real purpose is meant for the soul's freedom.


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