Saturday, April 23, 2011

Harnessing the power of the mind

"Today I want to speak about harnessing the power of your mind, so that you can influence your entire being on your journey to total well-being, to freedom, to happiness, to self-fulfillment, to self-realization. If you have a tool, naturally you would want to use it to best advantage. You have a mind that is incredibly powerful. Are you using it to your best advantage? Even though challenged, however much mental power you can muster or gather, you need to use it. Use every bit of mental power that you have on this journey. It is your most powerful resource on this journey." Day 28

I know that the mind is a powerful  instrument that can help us to achieve whatever we want. We need to learn how to use it responsibly. We have all come to this earthly plane for a particular reason. What is the Universe asking me to do by virtue of the circumstances around me ?  The responsibilities around me ?  The situation around me? What is the Universe saying to me? What is my purpose? What is my soul call? What is my soul saying to me?

Sometimes we need help to figure out what our life purpose is. If you cannot figure it out for yourself, there are those around you who can help you. There are guides, coaches, therapists, Gurus and others who, with their sharp minds and who are in contact with that inner space, can help you to find out what your life goal is.  When you know that, then you can begin to apply your mental power  to influence the Universe to support you in achieving this goal.   

You need to have a vision that can hold you firmly on the journey, inspiring you to bring all your thoughts together.As you become more aware, you can bring awakened chakra energies from every area together in support of your vision. As things change,you must learn to modify your vision appropriately, use all the information, resources, and people available to you to help you  achieve whatever you want. 

Be responsible. Be wise. Use all the power that you have.


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