Sunday, April 17, 2011

Take responsible steps on the journey

"This journey to true well-being is a journey of steps. Day 23
On the journey of the chakras, isn't it wise to learn how to improve our vitality as we begin to use lower chakras in the physical experience? Isn't it important to learn all the physical steps to improve our vitality? Isn't it important to learn how to breathe well to improve our vitality? Then as we ascend the ladder, isn't it important to look at our emotional being and try to improve our emotions? Isn't it important as we begin to open up our emotions to learn how to manage them with the help of higher thinking? Then isn't it important as we get into higher thinking to learn how to be stable in the region of higher thinking, by going a step further to that Source within?
Therefore, shouldn't we start with keeping the body healthy and fit with all the information we have? We don't need to have a university degree to keep the body healthy and fit. The body itself tells us how to do that. It tells us how much rest it needs. It tells us how much food it needs, if only we would listen."

This message reminds me of how important it is to listen the body and the steps we can take to bring it to optimal health.The lower chakras help us to keep the body strong, manage our sexuality  and improve our vitality. The higher chakras  help us to manage the mind and emotions.When our inner guide is awakened,we can follow our intuition and work with the intellect to make the body a worthy vessel and a good chariot.

 The journey begins with the first step. Build on it and become stronger.


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