Saturday, April 2, 2011

Have a strong desire for spiritual awakening

Each morning's message and meditation by Sri Vasudeva continues to inspire and uplift me.I feel that I am being supported in my spiritual  journey in a way that is not easy to describe. It's more than just understanding the words that are spoken; it's  experiencing a part of me that has the knowledge already. Does that make sense to you?

Today's message  Day 8  reminded me of  when I first started meditation classes some years ago. I struggled to sit in a proper posture,to keep the mind quiet,and wondered when I would become spiritually awakened. I knew that some kind of inner change was taking place, I just did not know at the time what it meant.Thankfully, my soul knew and  remembered.

Now, I have a better  understanding of how important spiritual awakening is to the human experience.Without it, I would not have known that the greatest part of me is the spiritual being within. I try to nurture the desire to experience the power of my soul in every waking moment.  I give thanks for the grace and blessing of  having a spiritual guide to help me on my inner journey.

Dear friends, the Universe is full of grace,once you seek, you will find. May you be blessed with  a strong desire to know your Divine Self and may you have the blessing of an experienced Guide to point the way. Then, it is all up to you to commit to the discipline of practice, if you want to achieve anything. 


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