Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It is a journey for all of us.

"We have seven chakras within us and each one brings us a new dimension of experience in the human experience. They are all interconnected because they are involved with different areas of human activity: sexuality, vitality, emotions, vocal activity, communication, mental activity, understanding, focus, reasoning.  There are chakras in all of these areas.  Chakras are in our spiritual body, in our Soul and they allow us to influence the human experience from that space."  Day 12

It has been some years now since I first heard the word "chakras", and I am always excited to learn more about them. I have read, studied and discussed some messages and have been trying to become more aware, more sensitive  of this  subtle energy system within me.  Theoretically, I would say that I have a fair understanding of the chakras as a  gateway between my physical body and my soul.

The challenge has been to have more practical experiences of this energy. It calls for discipline, determination, devotion,patience and practice........and  so my journey through the chakras is ongoing. I believe the knowledge and experience of the chakras will help me to have a more empowering and enjoyable human experience. It is my hope that as  I continue to make  effort, I will draw the Grace of the Universe to support me.This is a journey for all of us: to seek more understanding, more soul power and self-mastery.


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