Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let food be your medicine

"Today, we look at the influence of food on our well-being. I am going to begin with the saying of Hippocrates, who is considered to be the father of Western medicine. This is what he says: “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.” He is telling us to be very careful as to what we eat. We take medicines to get better, to help restore our state of health, and in some cases to prevent diseases. So, we need to treat food with respect. " Day 36

As a seeker after true well-being, true happiness and  freedom,  it  is important to look at the influence of food on your well-being on our journey. You should eat in such a way that it should help you to survive longer and be more healthy. You should eat to live and not live to eat, not just going after the pleasure of taste, eating any and everything, indiscriminately. 

You must look at quantity, quality, how the food is prepared and how you  support the digestive process so that the essential nutrients are extracted for the body's survival and fitness.Another aspect to the process of eating is  how you  feel emotionally and physically. It is better to be stress free; the most powerful thing you can do is eat in an atmosphere of peace, calm and joyfulness. 

The process of feeding your body, which carries the soul, should be a sacred process because the body is a temple of your spiritual being. It is like an offering; in the same way we make offerings to the Divine, whether it is  mental, physical, or emotional offering, we need to think of food as an offering. In the yogic teaching they say: that food is God, food is Brahman.

You  have a responsibility for what you eat. Give attention to what you eat, how much  and how you eat. Treat food as Divine.

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