Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The way of the wise seeker

Day 24 " We do not become that powerful seeker overnight. It is a journey of steps. However, in seeking to come to that centre of stability, we can develop certain qualities that can help us on the journey, to be the best that we can be.  What are these qualities that can help us on the journey that we should all embrace if we are to be a good seeker after what we desire? These principles apply to anything spiritual or material. We need these principles."

If we want to be truly wise in our seeking, we need to integrate the four qualities mentioned in today's message : Desire, Discrimination, Detachment and Discipline.

First, we must have such a strong desire that we never forget what the goal is -  to know and live as a spiritual being in the human experience.When we are  focused on what we want, and hold fast to a clear vision,then a  constant discriminating ability will help us protect the vision.Even though we may be involved   in other things, we must have the greatest love for our vision, so that we can easily detach from everything else. It's so easy to forget so we need to constantly remind ourselves to do the things that will lead us to our vision. Keeping a discipline  will also help us to avoid distractions when they come.

My experience has been that when you are challenged by illness, it is important to have the support of those who model these qualities and who by their mere Presence can energize you. I begin to see what is possible, a new reality awakens. I continue to trust and surrender to the Greater Power that takes care of all of us.

Be wise in your seeking!


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