Saturday, April 16, 2011

Become the best seeker

"How are we seeking? Do we wait until some disease comes to the body and then we are ready to act, but so long as the body is well we fall back into the old pattern of pleasure seeking? Denying that we are going to grow old? The body is going to age and we are going to be challenged later on more and more with disease because we are more vulnerable.
Are we like the second seeker? We begin to practice only when we are inspired? When we go to the gym or we see someone practicing to be physically healthy, we jump on the boat. When we are caught up in something else, it is all forgotten.
Are we like the third seeker? We are seeing what is going to happen ahead; it becomes very clear in our mind what this earth plane will give to us. We can see ahead already, and we are wise; we do not want to get caught. We immediately, in the now, begin to make this an important concern and priority, and do everything that we can to find that place of constant well-being." Day 21

This message stirred up a lot of emotions within me. I know where I want to be,and yet, I seem to forget so easily that my goal is to have that moment to moment awareness of  “Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?” The illusion of this world is so powerful that I become caught up, falling back into old patterns, putting less priority on my spiritual journey.

I know that I have to silence the inner critic and be open and receptive to the Grace that abounds during this period. I want to believe that subtle changes are  taking place. I just have to continue to appreciate and be thankful that, at least, I know that this life is a journey with a beginning and an end.

So, I am committing to the rest of the 40 Days, hoping that I would gain more clarity, more confidence and more contentment on the path. 


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