Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cultivate true body awareness

It is therefore extremely important to understand, "What does my physical body truly need to be well and supportive, and to be resilient in the human experience?  What does it need from me that it can serve me the best, so that we can co-exist in a harmonious and purposeful relationship?" This requires cultivating physical body awareness in an objective way - in a way that you truly understand the body, its intelligence and its needs, being able to see the difference between its needs and your desires, covering or masking those needs. That is extremely important. Be in touch with your body .Day 19 

As I reflect on today's message, I realize that I  have been neglectful of my body, in the past,without intending to do so.This makes me feel sad, but I don't want to be caught up in  emotions that will impact on my  body negatively. I have been trying to be more aware of the kind of emotions that arise in different situations in the moment. Before I become overwhelmed by the feelings, I start repeating a mantra in my mind and I ask for Grace to understand and let the emotions be released.

Another area that  I have to improve is exercise. Although  I know my body benefits from physical activities, I am rather delinquent in keeping a regular schedule. I tend to be more taken up in keeping the mind positive  and really   have no excuses for I do have the time.

So, this message encourages me of the need for total awareness: of mind,emotional body,physical body and spiritual being. I know where my limitations are and I have to do all that I can to stay strong and be well. My wish is that I will continue to strive for optimum health so that I can complete  my life's purpose.


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