Monday, April 4, 2011

Kundalini - our personal Guide to freedom

The Energy that brought us into limitation and that can take us back to freedom is called Kundalini.  When that Energy is awakened in us, an exciting journey begins as we become more soul conscious. Day 10

There are many energy experiences we will have on the path of Kundalini at different levels depending on where the individual is in the consciousness. We need to understand how this energy works within us and how it supports us on the journey to freedom.

The  journey is an expansion in consciousness, so we need to consider how conscious we are becoming. Are we more peaceful, more loving? Are we more aware of our connection with the Supreme?Are we better able to manage the human experience?  Take some time for serious reflection.


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  1. Mom,
    You have to put the worditout before you sign...

    I like to get your perspective on the days - still think you should do an 'after-d-talk' type post though :)