Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Be emotionally wise

" Emotions are powerful streams of energy generated in our consciousness. We need to understand them; we need to use them appropriately and we need to use them wisely on our journey to freedom and true well-being.  Our spiritual Consciousness gives us a heightened awareness, and this heightened awareness on the spiritual path is an invitation to see more in the consciousness. Not just thoughts but also emotions." Day 33 

The most powerful companion for love is when the brow chakra opens up. Then it is able to support love in a very powerful way. It is therefore important that head and heart work together, that there be a balance in wisdom and passion on the journey. Otherwise we will never be able to explore the fullness of the heart which allows us to love in greater measure, and to move from selfish loving to selfless loving.  

Therefore we need to be aware of every emotion that passes our consciousness.This is described as having emotional intelligence: to be appropriate in terms of our emotional posture to bring out the best in our relationships, even if it is a relationship with our own physical body.

I have been working to develop a more loving relationship with my physical body, to actively care for it by giving it the right diet, rest and some exercise,which I know needs a great deal of improvement. I also try to  nurture the body with healing meditations and to cultivate an attitude of  reverence towards it as the temple for my soul. I therefore appreciate the importance of head and heart working well together to energize and create well-being in the body. 

Be emotionally wise! Stay spiritually connected to the source of all love – your spiritual being.


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