Monday, April 25, 2011

Thoughts tell a story

 " It is important to observe these thoughts and to see the story that they tell. These thoughts tell a story, an important story for us to observe. Are they just random thoughts, having no real power but just occupying the mind? Then we need to learn how to deal with these, as I have been telling you. You can use a sacred word in repetition, to lessen the thoughts and to go deeper inside. But if these thoughts arise within you, and they are not just random thoughts, they disturb your state of well-being, mental well-being then you need to look carefully at them." Day 30

What are these thoughts based on? If these thoughts are telling us a story, then it is important to understand the story. Are these thoughts based on fear, anxiety, impatience, attachment , lack of forgiveness, vengeance, hate, disease in the body? Or  is it a call from your soul to manifest a higher quality within you? Is it a call to manifest forgiveness, charity, understanding, patience, kindness, compassion? You seek complex answers, and you seek out those who will tell you what you want to hear, but are you ready for the truth?

The solution to every problem is within your soul. When  thoughts disturb you to the extent that when you sit to meditate, you cannot remove them from the mind, then you need to give attention to them, using the power of your intellect to dismantle this thought pattern that is causing stress.You need also to seek to make that connection to the Source of Wisdom inside. The Universe is a benevolent Universe; it offers Grace – powerfully, abundantly to help you out of  your bondage. Are you ready to make that connection, to find all the answers within you or around you through the power of grace?

Be wise! Seek that connection that could bring you to a state of peace.With every effort that you have, seek wisdom and seek it within. 


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