Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Captured in the Human Experience

The title of today's talk   Day 11 " Captured in the Human Experience"   jolted my mind.

There  was a desire to not be a captive, but to be free; to have power over myself. Immediately, the mind began to think "how can I do this? what steps  can I take to attain freedom. I must find some answers."
My spiritual being, having a human experience, has forgotten what it really is. I believe that spending time learning and  making the effort to put into practice will help me to remember who I am.

Reflecting on today's message, it became much clearer that I have been  given a map  for my journey to freedom.  The chakra system is a path that can help me.My spiritual being can gather information from the physical world through its energy connections with the physical body. When these energy centres, the chakras, become activated, then I can become more soul conscious and have a greater influence on the human experience. 

I have often wondered if the soul is so powerful, how can it allow itself to forget what it is.  I realize now  that the soul has its own sensory system, powers that follow exactly the human senses and  the powers of action. The soul believes that it is human   and so  it is captured.

Therefore, the soul must develop power over the senses and seek another kind of power. This is how the chakra system comes into play. We must wake up the chakras to help us master the human experience. 

Yes, I certainly think this is fascinating!.

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