Friday, April 29, 2011

Be body conscious while spiruitually centred

" There is a saying: If you do not use it, you will lose it. Here we are speaking about your precious physical body and its need for activity. Are you in touch with your body? Are you really body conscious, and so centered in spiritual awareness that you can be aware of the needs of the body in order to be fit and healthy on the journey?  Day 35

The physical body is a creation of Nature to fulfill your life's purpose in this lifetime.It has an intelligence of its own. Therefore we need  to work with it in a way to keep it at its best.   To understand the body and relate to it in the best way, you have to give attention to it. Listen to it, understand how it works, understand what its needs are.

Learn to use the chakras to create a better relationship with the body.
Breathe into the navel chakra until you could feel there is prana in the body; the body will actually want to become more active. Also ensure that you bring the heart chakra in, so that you have a passion, you really honour the body and begin enjoying the body.  Bring in the brow center with focus and vision. Visualize the kind of body you want. Visualize how healthy you want to be and hold that vision very firmly, supporting the lower chakras. Hold in your mind the importance of good health. Staying in the base chakra allows you to ground in the world and enjoy physical activities. 

Then if you are able to access more of the crown, you will fill the body with great peace as you do everything in wonderful stillness, in connection to the Source of all vitality, all love, all mental strength. Your body will then enjoy the experience of being alive, healthy and fit. It is the consciousness that is important; and it is the focus that is important as you support the lower chakras. 

 When you begin your day, it is important to be centered in your energy being.  You need to come into soul consciousness as best as you can. This is when you can really  maintain the body in optimal condition, if you  are in a greater state of awareness.

 Hearing this message today made me feel really guilty about not giving the body the attention that it deserves. However,I do feel some hope that I can  draw grace from the Universe when I make the right effort and choices to keep the body healthy. I am reminded of the tools that I have within to strengthen self-discipline, and to keep that strong desire for a deeper connection with the Higher Power.


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