Monday, April 4, 2011

Free the Soul from human limitations

The human body is perishable, it ages and ultimately it dies. We have become so conditioned to thinking and believing that we are just physical beings,that it is hard to think of  another possibility. However, when we become more aware that we are more than the physical body, we can then begin to explore the power of our souls. To what end you may ask?  That we may transform the human consciousness and free our souls from human limitations. Day 9

I had mentioned previously that I did some meditation classes and I have realized that I can "catch the experience" easily by being in the Presence of a spiritual teacher who has the experience. As I continue to explore my world, I ask,"How can I become more aware of my spiritual being and bring more awareness and power into the human experience?"

I like to make lists to remind myself, I find it is helpful to read, ponder and try to put some idea into practice, so  am sharing some points that I have noted so far: 
-have the desire for spiritual awakening
-associate with human beings who live in higher awareness
-begin to look at energy experiences
-observe  what happens in your daily activities
-remain open to other possibilities
-seek a guide who is anchored in spiritual awareness
-practice,practice, practice
-have patience

We are all unique individuals on this journey, so take some time to reflect on what appeals to you and what might be possible in your world,ask yourself, "am I ready to free my soul from human limitations?"

Have a great Monday!


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