Thursday, April 21, 2011

Strive for total well-being

"When we think of well-being, let us look at the whole: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social well-being.  We can have issues at all these levels and one can influence the other.  When you are powerfully stabilised in your spiritual being, you can handle the whole scenario, regardless of challenges.  The call for true self leadership (or being in charge) is a call to open up our spiritual consciousness as much as we can; so much so that no matter how involved we are in the human experience, that spiritual consciousness continues." Day 27 
If we really want to enjoy the human experience we need to look at every aspect of our well-being.Spiritual well-being, however, is the most important.  We need to develop a deep connection with the Higher Self so that no matter how challenged we are, if our desire is strong enough, we can draw grace from the Universe.

Our mental well-being comes from having a sharp intellect and being able to access intuitive guidance from the Higher Self. Even in the midst of activity, we can hold on to that connection.Intellect and intuition need to work powerfully as they influence at the physical level, the brain, the most important part of the human being.

The intellect also needs to have a harmonious relationship with the heart so that we can manage our emotions.When we are hijacked by negative emotions, we lose our power; hence the need for the intellect to observe what is happening, and to open up and protect the heart,our emotional centre.

A wise person in the human experience will take good care of the physical body because if the body is challenged, it may distract us from our journey of self -growth.The body is made up of many intelligent systems: immune, circulatory, digestive, nervous and can tell us what is needed. We must learn to live in harmony with it.

We also must pay attention to our social well-being, recognizing that we live in a co-existence with other life forms.We need to learn how best to interact with our world. When there is harmonious co-existence, the feedback of energy towards us can be uplifting.  When there is disharmony in that co-existence, it can also pull us down in terms of well-being.

Let us all strive for total well-being so that we can truly enjoy the adventure of Life. 


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