Sunday, April 10, 2011

Make your body 'lifeworthy'

Another interesting message about the human body Day 16  We need to remember that the body is there for a purpose, to serve the soul on its journey to learn and grow in the human experience – to become free. In the same way, if you are on a journey on land you need a roadworthy vehicle, and if you are on a journey on sea you need a seaworthy vehicle, when you are on life’s journey, you need a ‘lifeworthy’ vehicle

The human body is intelligent; it can be trained to be fit , to be strong, to be healthy, to serve our needs as a soul in the human experience.We have to become more aware of our soul power in the chakras and use them to drive the human experience.

We can begin to give attention to our everyday activities such as breathing, walking, speaking,singing, dancing and observe how the energy feels in the body. If you give a little more awareness to what is  happening, and there is any awakening of spiritual consciousness within you, you will begin to realize that more is involved in these activities.

This should encourage you to want to explore some more to really understand and use the powers in the soul to achieve optimal health. It is the most important thing we could do for ourselves, for our greatest wealth is having good health and well-being.


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