Saturday, April 16, 2011

Take a deeper look at true well-being

"Day 22  True well-being is not just about eating right.  It is not just about exercising.  It is not just about thinking positive thoughts or just about manifesting love.  It is about going to that place inside where you can continue to manage your thoughts no matter how much the mind is challenged.  You can look at the mind from another space and you can manage the mind.  When you become emotionally challenged, you can observe the space and manage the emotions. When you are physically challenged, you can stand back in that place where you are already happy and contented inside and meet with the experience of “dis-ease” from a place of fearlessness. You are centered in a place where you will never die; where you are immortal in your being and you can watch the world of change.  You can observe the world of change from that place of changeless being, immersed in your immortality, in your peace, in your place of true well-being.  That is the place where we need to go.  That is the vision."

What a noble vision for all of humanity, not just a select few. I marvel always at the way Sri Vasudeva is able to share ancient teachings so convincingly that I am moved to want to have the experience in the moment, right then and there as he speaks. I want to wake up from the dream that prevents me from knowing and experiencing the true essence of my being - that place of freedom, immortality, fearlessness,eternal youth and true well-being -the paradise within.

Our life in this world is unpredictable; anything can happen anytime.These messages point a way for me to wake up from the dream, to be centered in  a deeper space,so that I am better prepared for the challenges of life.  I need to listen to the inner guidance, observe, create and hold  that vision for myself.

I ask for Grace as I continue to make effort on this journey to true well-being.


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