Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Sacred Battle in the Inner Space

" Where does the true power lie?  Is it in the pull of the senses or is it in the call of the spirit?  The greatest power within us is really in our spiritual being. So on this journey of evolution of consciousness that we are on, we need to explore more and more the spiritual consciousness that we have, and spiritual power that is available to us, to deal with this battle of the instincts that we have in the human experience.  The human pull, the material pull, is a very strong one; it is a basic instinct. 
This spiritual journey to our true power is a journey of stages.  In the Yogic wisdom, these stages are called Granthis, or knots.  There are three stages: Brahma granthi, Vishnu granthi, Rudra granthi." Day 25

Each granthi is a doorway into the consciousness:
Brahma granthi - the first stage of the journey - involves the first two chakras, there is a strong pull by the material world, but the spiritual instinct is awakened.  We know that there is more.

Vishnu granthi - the second stage of the journey. This consciousness involves the Manipura chakra, Anahata chakra and Vishudha chakra. Our worship becomes different: we begin to worship the God of love; we begin to worship the God of vitality. But we are still associated with the lower centres; the human world still drives us.

Rudra granthi- third stage of soul development where we pierce a knot between the eyebrows. We begin to be able to see the world differently. For the first time, we begin to look from a different space, a space of co-creation, where we can be involved in the co-creation or we can identify with divinity.  This step is the most powerful step on the journey because it allows us, in the soul consciousness, to bring in soul power that can help to manage the lower chakras.

We are drawn on one hand by the material world and we are pulled on the other side by the spiritual being within us.  This is the human experience. Sometimes it can be a battlefield in the inner space. 
When we begin to understand the journey and give attention to the soul power within,  we begin to work with that Supreme Power inside of us.That is when  intellect and intuition work in harmony.  Then we can hope for the greatest energy, the greatest consciousness in the human experience that takes us to the state of true well-being.  Then we can weather any storm in  life.

Learn to manage the journey with all forces working in harmony.


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