Friday, April 8, 2011

Be relentless in the quest for the ultimate

The journey of our life is to  go from the darkness of the limited human consciousness into the Light of the experience of our soul's consciousness and power in its fullness.It is a journey through energy fields, energy qualities and a journey of expanding self-identity. We grow in the consciousness.

The journey of consciousness evolution is a journey of remembering, to come back into that state of Being that we have always been. It does not matter what happens in the human experience. It does not matter what the outcome is, the joy is in the manifesting from that selfless space; that unconditionally loving space, that non-judgmental space that is not caught up in the human experience. That is the goal. 

So on this journey, if you want to be fully established in the highest place in your Being, in the highest form of consciousness, you need to ask the question, "Is there more?"    Day 14

Every idea expressed in this talk resonates in a deep space within me and I am encouraged to continue on this path of  self-inquiry and self-discovery. It is reassuring to know that there are other like-minded souls who are sharing their energies on this journey and who are committed to their true well-being. So, I need to get my plan off the shelf and put it into practice, practice,practice.


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